BBP App founder interviewed by Bridal Business TV

News & Media April 27, 2018

BBP App founder Sue McLaurin interviewed by Bridal Business TV. Sue tells all about getting started as a bridal makeup artist in Far North Queensland, and how Bridal Beauty Pro App came to be.

Last week I had the honour of being a guest on Bridal Business TV, where I chatted with host Dawn Rose all about getting started as a Bridal Makeup Artist and Hairstylist in Far North Queensland, building my business from 5 to 153 weddings in just two years, and then starting all over again in Brisbane.  We chatted about how Bridal Beauty Pro App was born out of my frustration with having all my brides’ details in too many different places, photos buried in the camera roll on my phone, bride’s contact details in emails, or my diary (which I left on a plane once!), and how I just wanted to have everything in one place.

Dawn asked me how I went from idea to App, and what plans we have for the app in the near future.  The artists and stylists who were watching live then asked us some questions about getting ahead in the industry and how Bridal Beauty Pro App can make life easier for them too.

I really enjoyed chatting with Dawn, and the viewers, and am happy to hear so many people enjoyed the live cast and even more have watched the replay.  If you missed it at the time, head over to our Facebook page and check out the replay there.


Thanks so much to Dawn from Bridal Business TV for having me!  Learn more about Dawn and her “bridal army” at Dawn’s Bridal Army