Bridal Beauty Pro App – Our Story

News & Media August 24, 2016

After 15 years and over 500 weddings, I knew there had to be a better way to organise my information, and so Bridal Beauty Pro App was born.

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My name is Sue McLaurin, and I have been a makeup artist for 15 years and have worked with over 500 brides on their special day. While I’ve always considered myself an organised person, I had become increasingly frustrated about the best way to organise all my information for the bride’s big day. After leaving my diary on a plane once (fortunately I got it back!) I vowed to keep everything online and backed up. This worked well, but I found I had information in so many different places. Emails on my home computer, photos in my camera roll, Makeup plan notes from the trial in the notes section on my phone, etc. There had to be a better way!

One day in early 2015 I went to a bride’s home for her makeup trial. I checked my emails before I left, plugged her address into the GPS app on my phone, but when I arrived, I realised I didn’t have her apartment number. I scrolled back through the emails, trying to find her address, or her phone number. About 10 minutes of searching, and eventually having to access the archived emails in my gmail account, I finally found the apartment number.

Driving home I reflected on the experience and suddenly thought “There should be an App for this” and so the idea was born. I found that there were a couple of apps, but none that specifically catered to bridal artists. I knew if I needed it, many other makeup artists and hair stylists could use such an app too. After chatting with several colleagues I came up with a basic design, and started to look around for an App Developer. A chance conversation with a client led me to Niche Studio, where Mikael and the guys enthusiastically jumped on board with me.

15 years of experience has gone into the development of this app. I’ve spoken with lots of other artists and gotten their ideas and feedback. The response to the launch of the app has been very positive, and we are already planning our strategic innovation for the next upgraded version… watch this space!!